Support Staff

  • Lisa Lisa is the patient first voice of MOSAIC, who will navigate you toward the right answer.
  • NickiNicki is the accounting department scheduler and supports the front desk operations.
  • NancyNancy is our service courier and front desk receptionist, personally delivering items to and assisting clients.

Get in Touch

Main Office:545 Higuera St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8-5,

Saturday or After Hours By Appointment

Telephone:805 545 7798
FAX:805 545-8651

Support and Assistance Any Time
In Any Difficulty

We won’t leave you out in the rain
Our great team is here locally to help you with all of your questions. Your call will not be re-routed out of the county or out of the country! We pride ourselves on being local and we have heard the proof from our clients - we are your LOCAL resource for business services. At our office you will speak to a real person, with real answers, on-time and in town.

Call us: 805 545-7798

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